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The problem with Naderpur lies in his mentality. In my opinion, Naderpur is not a person of this age, even if he says he is and even if my saying this will make him angry with me and he stops speaking to me. Naderpur's conservatism and the sensitivity he displays with respect to different views about his poetry are his biggest enemy. In my opinion, he has to make things clear between himself and his readers. If Naderpur's poetry has remained in a stagnant state-in terms of both form and content-the reason for it is that he is afraid of losing a large number of his followers. Let him lose them. It is not important that Ebrahim Sahba like my poetry. In fact, if he does, that is an insult and an indication of a poem's defectiveness. Naderpur composes poetry so that others will compliment him, and it makes no difference to him who these people are. Naderpur's poetry is completely empty in terms of content. He may be a brilliant creator of images, but of what use to me are images? He doesn't say anything; he has nothing to say. In terms of form, Naderpur's poetry is a matter of centimeters and a ruler. As soon as one syllable is added to one verse, he seems to try in the next verse to apologize for this 'offense'. Naderpur's problem is that he is a prince and lacks audacity. He has an old and aged mentality. He remains unaffected by anything except his own pains, which are, in any case, inessential pains. If he doesn't make his stand clear, he is finished as a poet. He is a poet. But it is a shame that he feigns ignorance. He is as sensitive and finicky about readers of his poetry and their ideas as he is about washing his hands. Friend, one day eat without washing your hands-maybe you'll discover something.

Forugh Farrokhzad , Harfhai ba Forugh Farrokhzad: Chahar Goft va Shonud (Conversations with Forugh Farrokhzad: Four Interviews) (Tehran: Morvarid, 1977, pp. 73-74

A Lonely Woman: Michael Hillmann p27



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