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Andouh Parast

Translation by: Roya Yaghoubi

Woe- Worshipper

I wish I were like autumn... I wish I were like autumn.
Silent and saddening like autumn,
The leaves of my desires turning yellow one by one,
The sunshine of my eyes getting cold. ( My eyesight getting cold ) .

The sky of my chest would be filled with pain.
Suddenly the storm of a sorrow would claw at my soul . 
My tears, like drops of rain,
Would paint my skirt.

Oh... how beautiful it would be if only I were autumn!
Wild , passionate and colorful.
A poet would read in my eyes... a heavenly poem.
A lover's heart would flame beside me.
In the sparks of a hidden sorrow
My song.....
Like the song of a breeze with broken wings 
Would shed fragrance of sorrow on weary hearts.

before me:
The bitter face of the winter of youth.
Behind me:
The turbulence of the summer of a sudden romance.
My chest :
The dwelling place of sorrow, pain and mistrust.
I wish I were like autumn... I wish I were like autumn.


Translated by Roya Yaghoubi
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